Email marketing enables you to cost-effectively communicate with a distinct audience in a way that’s immediate and relevant. Doctors, medical personnel and those in charge of healthcare marketing can use email to promote themselves and their services by sending health and wellness bulletins to patients and important health advisories and alerts to health care providers. Hospitals and medical facilities can use email to promote new products or services and send appointment reminders to everyone on their list automatically.


  • Best ROI
  • Quick Development and Response
  • Targeted Communication
  • Personalized
  • Measurable Result

Every two years, the Direct Marketing Association  publishes the results of a study that includes return-on-investment estimates, as reported by businesses that are able to track them, for a variety of marketing communications tools.

Email can be one of the fastest ways to create and deliver communications. Most responses typically occur from within minutes to a few days. Health care thrives on topical medical news and scientific breakthroughs. The flexibility provided by email communication.

Email can be targeted to select audiences. Often, the individuals who sign up to receive an organization’s emails are among its best prospects.

No tool allows for easier and less expensive personalization and customization of content to individuals or segments of an audience. In healthcare, creating targeted content relevant to each audience demonstrates your organization’s deep understanding of your patient’s needs.

Email is one of the most easily measured communications tools. Open rates, click troughs, conversions and other metrics are readily available thus satisfying the needs of the C-Suite who want to answer the question “how well did this perform?”

Our recent report the “Email Marketing Guide,” provides many more tips and tricks for deploying a successful email marketing program.  If you would like to download the guide


  • Enables faster, better communication.
  • Helps drive web traffic to your facility’s website.
  • Less costly compared to traditional advertising media.
  • Easier to collect data and track customer information.
  • Increased exposure, no geographic boundary.


  • Distribute health advisories and information to healthcare providers.
  • Announce new staff, certifications, special clinics and workshops.
  • Schedule your health & fitness newsletters and bulletins.
  • Automate appointment reminders and follow ups.
  • Gather data through newsletter subscription form inquiries.

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