There is only one thing that I got wrong. It was back  when I switched from web design to email design, I really believed in power of creative. I thought email marketing creative will improve email performance. It does, but it is only short-term solution and you will notice that all performance stars will go back to normal after 3-5 weeks from redesigning your email.

I realized how wrong I was as soon as I started using dynamic content – nothing works better than relevant content. If you don’t believe me, check out e Bay’s or Amazon’s emails. These guys don’t pay too much attention to email creative, but they mastered use of their data. I used to get excited when I saw emails marketing like with images switched off, but now I don’t think there is a real benefit of allocating that much resource to produce so complex emails, especially when you want these email to be rendered on mobile. A good balance between text and images is enough.



Every (known to me) provide dynamic content and triggered deployment functionality, but the way that these features are used depend on the data structure and availability. In the past dynamic content was mainly driven by profile data or preferences. Nowadays, you can do much more using API calls and passing data to your ESP triggering emails marketing in real time. If you don’t have SCV, you may fake it with multiple API calls passing data to your ESP where it will be stored. There are several email campaigns that you can deploy instantly, caused by certain behaviors.


First of all is a Welcome email, or programme, if you want to break it down to 2 or 3 emails. These should be sent to your new recipient within first week, with first email deploying instantly or within 24 hours. Welcome email marketing is one of these campaigns that generate the highest ROI when done properly. Don’t send your Welcome email one week later and don’t neglect the importance of this campaign. You have to have it up and running no matter what.

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